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ツ valentine post..

Posted: February 15, 2008 in ego, love, random-nes
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a very unsuccessful day. I blame my fever for this.

It took me a while and reasons to post again another entry in this blog. I feel that I need to post this to pull out the *err* in me xD

I don’t know if it’s just me or the truth.At the early part of the day, I had a feeling of confidence brought to me by last night’s conversation, great energy even though I woke up 3am and can’t push my head down back to my bed, and lastly, a feeling of excite because ,duh, it’s valentine’s xD.. All these remained until the delivering of roses I sent her. Then I just realized I might not make it. Just like the other attempts I had in the past.. I lost all the stuff I had earlier. The confidence, the energy and the excitement.

I asked her the night before to talk to me in school at valentine’s. I needed to talk to her to clarify some things. That if I couldn’t, she, her friends and other people who know the wrong thing will think of me as an ass. Or worse. And I failed again. I had the opportutnity but I saw her holding something which I thought was from someone.I backed out then.. xD(later at night I learned it’s not hers).

And now that she knows what’s up with me. I don’t know but I feel quite troubled. Maybe because I fear becoming a loser again. I’m not wishing for her to read this. In fact, I do not want her to read this. I just think she was disappointed.

why am i actually posting this? I don’t know :)) i just feel like posting stuff