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first day in III-Sodium. It wasn’t ‘a okay’, but it was fine(OMFG whats the difference?)..

today,after getting dismissed, we had a bit of talk about random nerdy stuff(topal people). Things that tickle our brains and things that torture some.

I saw different kinds of reasoning from different personalities. Although some of the things said, err, most of the things, were jokes. Some turned out to be justly worth thinking. And apparently, these things were at the nerdy level. And I guess experts won’t even be able to give satisfying answers. You’ll see more of these things probably some time.. But for now.. Imma go to bed go get some F&@$^& sleep! 😉


today is the last day of summer. serves as the transitional phase to the school year. equivalent to earth layer discontinuities. same as the burger patty in a hamburger. the 2 letter D’s in the middle. it’s supposed to be different in a special way. but why is it this dull?

i feel like there are gray clouds forming inside me. heavy wind carrying depressing heat circles my whole body. my mind stays abnormally calm and strangely peaceful. things seem to be so different today than what they were yesterday, and few days ago. is this just psychological or something’s really wrong with my system?

it took me a lot of hours to sleep last night, approximately 5 hours in bed. awake. somehow peaceful but problematic.

apparently, it’s about me and the incoming school year. i can’t really tell what’s bothering me. am i nervous? not really. scared? maybe.. excited. hell no. i am writing out of my consciousness right now. i just key in stuff that come out my mind and chest. i feel so dull.

all i can say, after analyzing this output,, is.. I am definitely not ready yet. whatever might happen. I am not sure if I can work it out. I’m just having a feeling of doubt and trouble, i guess. Anyone please, say something that’ll comfort me.. And will give me strength D: