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Posted: February 22, 2008 in ego, random-nes, religion, Uncategorized

this is quite controversial


There is an unpopular disease called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) wherein only few people who acquire this disease survive. But they still cannot escape the after effects. Memories which never happened to them, satanic ritual abuses where they were never part with, bug their mind all through out their lives. Is there actually a scientific explanation on this? Let’s say this disease is caused by a cerebral virus which attacks only a certain part of the brain, but do you think it’s possible to have this thoughts in mind that way?  is it simply we are actually involved in these rituals from the start? or maybe satan does exist. These, i cannot answer but ill try to dig it up with my opinion based stuff.

first, let’s see what this disease really is.

DID is a mental disease that creates unusual pulses in the head which makes the person feel gloomy and sometimes leads to a complete trauma. This disease is known also as the multiple identity disease wherein a person believes he has a lot of identities. If you try to analyze this, when the person claims that he has another identity, he’s view of the world is still the same. What changes is how he process each happenings.That means, the memories he has are just the memories he actually had. Now let’s say this person had been treated well and soon went well. Now he experiences the SRA (satanic ritual abuse).  We cannot consider this a hallucination due to the fact that all of the vital signs of the person is normal. That includes his body temperature, BP, etc.. But the only problem is the memory pulse in his head seems to be pounding to the point that his head would seem to burst. Pretend we just proved that the memory he has is actually unclassified and unexplainable. Where could have this memory come from?  this happens to all DID survivors.

Could it be this? While in state of DID where the person has no control of his body, unknown stuff appeared and took over his spirit for a while and did this SRA. And when the spirit returned to normal with its body, the spirit retains its tortured memory and now affects the human thinking. No wonder science couldn’t explain or prove this. Im not saying its true but it is a possibilty.

Another is the soul actually is part of the ritual itself. Maybe we are all part of it and this disease is not a ctually a disease but a sign of calling. This may sound scary but as i say, it’s a possibilty..

If we find this stupid, there’s no harm in actually considering possibilities. I just post what i think im the only one who thought of. And this is just my little introduction to the post im opening later. About satanism.

continue post later