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Posted: June 2, 2008 in nerdi-nes
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Have you ever thought of this?

This is kid 1. His parents taught him all of the colors since birth( lol ).

This is kid 2. His parents also taught him all colors.

What kid 1 sees as green is red to kid 2’s eyes. and what kid 2 sees green is red to kid 1’s eyes. is this possible? what if the colors we see, aren’t the same colors that other people see but since each was taught that the color they see is the color of the object which is according to the teacher which sees different colors too, how can we be sure that the color we see is general to everyone? if you answer using the wavelengths of colors, what if for every person, there’s a different perception of waves which causes variation in colors?

again, you see people as brown. your friend sees you as brown according to him but when you checked using a weird device, you saw that the color brown of your friend is actually the color green to you,and you realized that all the color you see are so different from what your friend sees?(note that i am assuming that there’s no weird device like this yet,and i guess there’s really none )

it’s complicated isn’t it? this is one of the weird stuff we were talking about earlier D:

if this theory is right, it’ll explain why some people hate art and etc.. xD


first day in III-Sodium. It wasn’t ‘a okay’, but it was fine(OMFG whats the difference?)..

today,after getting dismissed, we had a bit of talk about random nerdy stuff(topal people). Things that tickle our brains and things that torture some.

I saw different kinds of reasoning from different personalities. Although some of the things said, err, most of the things, were jokes. Some turned out to be justly worth thinking. And apparently, these things were at the nerdy level. And I guess experts won’t even be able to give satisfying answers. You’ll see more of these things probably some time.. But for now.. Imma go to bed go get some F&@$^& sleep! 😉