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Posted: June 2, 2008 in nerdi-nes
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Have you ever thought of this?

This is kid 1. His parents taught him all of the colors since birth( lol ).

This is kid 2. His parents also taught him all colors.

What kid 1 sees as green is red to kid 2’s eyes. and what kid 2 sees green is red to kid 1’s eyes. is this possible? what if the colors we see, aren’t the same colors that other people see but since each was taught that the color they see is the color of the object which is according to the teacher which sees different colors too, how can we be sure that the color we see is general to everyone? if you answer using the wavelengths of colors, what if for every person, there’s a different perception of waves which causes variation in colors?

again, you see people as brown. your friend sees you as brown according to him but when you checked using a weird device, you saw that the color brown of your friend is actually the color green to you,and you realized that all the color you see are so different from what your friend sees?(note that i am assuming that there’s no weird device like this yet,and i guess there’s really none )

it’s complicated isn’t it? this is one of the weird stuff we were talking about earlier D:

if this theory is right, it’ll explain why some people hate art and etc.. xD


ツ why’s and what for’s

Posted: January 14, 2008 in ego, random-nes
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There’s a lot of stuff I do not understand, and even though I would ask my family, they cannot make me understand, I guess. Well if they can’t,  then no one can but my self I guess. But I don’t care. I just feel like posting this for people to know much of me; err my ideas I mean.

First thing. Going to church. I know it shows how childish I am, but I really don’t want to go to church. All Sundays, they force me to attend mass. Even though, they know how I feel and think about the religion, and I know myself that they do not care. Maybe because they cannot feel at all. The doubts that come in my mind, they have no idea. I completely disagree on everything the church says. I do not have proof but you know the instance when you start feel something wrong so you search for it and later on, you find that thing inside you but due to the harshness of the people around you, it’s very hard to express yourself most especially if it’s your family listening. That’s just one about why i hate religion so much.

Religion as a requirement not by school only but my family’s. I don’t know why people are crazy over it. Kill me if it’s too offensive but think of this first before doing so. WHY? I may sound weird with this stupid question. I know it is easy to answer but i have follow ups. WHY do we have to? err..* let me rephrase that* Why do you have to? you might answer me with a question; do i not believe that it’s true. To answer that. NO. I only partially believe.  Cause, first and fore most, All of the religions in the world as i’ve learned in Social Science, they all have the very same way of proving how stable their foundations are. Each proves how true their systems yet we, as mankind live only as one. We live in the same way as other humans do. But we believe different things. Look at the top view, we’re doing exactly the same and spotting the difference from that view might take the hell out of the ground. Bottom line is, we, mankind believe in different stuff yet we turn out to function as only one machine. Then what is the freaking purpose of these diversities (btw, the root of diversity i speak of is none other than this religion) ?

Let’s put it the simpler way. I don’t believe. They want me to. They do stuff to make me so. They ask me to go to church, i still don’t believe. And what is the damn purpose of that?!

I know that im weird. Get used to it. I live to be like this.  And i believe that i have my own purpose, everything i do, consciously and subconsciously, has its own purpose. Nobody interferes with that. No one.

And to my family. Please. You want me to go to church? force me? Fine. I go. But that wouldn’t change me. neither my ideas.

~why’s and what for’s to be continued~

quick post..

Posted: December 17, 2007 in ego, random-nes
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lol.. I cannot post something long tonight. We were suuuuper busy the whole day.. And i am still busy tonight

  •  Charity works – seriously, we donated stuff to hospital patients
  •  Xmas packing – obviously, were not yet done! xD
  • Cleaning stuff – self explanatory.. lol
  • Hacking – I need it badly >.<
  • Killing Kyuto – I need to get my reputation back in Blackout >:)

There 😛

Oh and btw, ill post pictures tomorrow 😀

2 things. Maturity and bond

Posted: December 15, 2007 in ego, love, random-nes
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Maturity, as i believe, is not the change in appearance nor the change of likes. I believe that maturity is based upon the person’s perspective; how he views his life, what he believes his duties are,etc.   

one thing that triggered my maturity is my class. well, my classmates sure didn’t do a damn but i just felt that i’m somehow growing up, and i felt it this year, the year that im in Adelfa.

It’s kinda weird to be posting about first impressions this time, i mean at this time(?). But to explain myself more , *sigh* here i go!

During our first days, the faces of my classmates seemed so scary. I only knew them by their names and faces but at that early, or was it too late, i hadn’t got a chance to know them as they are. Even now, i know them when we are all together but knowing them individually when they’re alone, is ,i guess, much far off by looking at our present status. Yes they are all my friends, except for he-who-you-know-that-must-not-be-named, but not the friends whom i share all my grudges in life, my happy times and vice vers/z/a.

The end is near, prolly 2-4 months. That’s the only time my section and i have to know each other, the only time we get to interact and express emotions. That very short time is all i have. So please.

`[]ill continue this later[]`