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i hate sleevelessnes. she’s the most most unfairest person i have ever met.

why? I crammed last night my Bio homework which I chose over physics but she didn’t take it.

How it happened:

She asked the class to pass the homeworks (i already finished mine). Every homework of my tablemates is piled with mine on top.. For some reason, when I submitted the pile, mine got blown by wind. I handed the pile over to the next person. I didn’t notice that my H.W wasn’t there. So when Jelo saw my paper at the floor or at the table. I, somehow, was shocked. So I immediately went to SLEEVELESSNES (which was wearing sleeves that time xD) and handed over my work. She REJECTED it. I don’t understand the way that sleevelessnes think. All I fucking know, is I hate her.


they’re friends. RIGHT

Posted: June 6, 2008 in random-nes
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One of the things I fear the most just happened now. Well, I just learned of it now. I just learned they have been doing it since last year. Well, what should I say? WELL DONE my so called friends. GREAT JOB.

I don’t know. But this is the first thing that struck my heart into tiny bits in three years. I can’t hold my tears. Darn in. My touch pad’s all wet now . I didn’t expect this to happen. Not to me. Not by them.

I have these two friends. Yes MY FRIENDS. I did all the things a true friend is supposed to. No lies, I defended them when people insulted them, I kept no secrets, I tried my best to keep them friends when there were misunderstandings between them..

I always thought they treat me the same way. I had no doubt since they showed me that too. They do that when I’m present.. They were so close to me i never doubted them even once. Maybe that’s the reason they betrayed me. I got too close to these guys too much. Back to the past, I know what you guys are capable of. Your personalities. I knew none of you is worthy of this much of trust I gave you. But then. I trusted you. 100%. But all the while, you were backstabbing me? All the while, I was avoiding the wrong persons..

ALL i know now. Since im in the middle of my intense emotions. All i know.. Is I regret the days i accepted you guys as friends. That’s my biggest mistake in three years.