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i woke up 12 noon, as the way they do it, talking about people in love, the first thing that struck my mind was her. not my initial actions like brushing, washing my face, etc…

After i ate my breakfast,took a quick shower,  i opened my laptop and turned on the wifi so ill be emo with it the whole time on my bed. I tried to post something about the dorm stay i had experienced and the very tragic outbound. But i actually did nothing except wait. you know who i’ve been waiting for.

I turned off my computer and took a quick nap that lasted an hour. i took a bath, ate my dinner and once again on top of my bed. surprisingly, she was online for quite some time already. But same thing happened. the very same thing that happened few days ago. I became overexcited but speechless. I felt my heart pounding really hard. every time she types a word, it turns out to be pumping harder and harder. harder and harder.  till it reached the point where i decided to quit it and say bye instead. i became somehow very cocky but i know i did the right thing. Estelle, my friend of the day,  tried to help out but unfortunately for both of us, she’s already offline..

Brothers and sisters (gah, i believe im starting to sound like a gay priest talking about gay things, no offense), seriously, i know myself that i cant do it right without help and so ill be needing help from friends (e.g Estelle). Im really thankful btw..