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dual booting mac os x and windows vista..

a guide for dual booting mac os x and vista in your pc :]

first, you must have a vista already installed, enough free memory(approximately 10gb)
iAtkos v.1 dvd(i used the 10.5 thing.. so yeah).\, the windows vista boot dvd, ANY version will do even if it isnt your vista version

first of all, create a partition the you’ll be using for mac installation. by following this step
right click on my computer>mange>disk management
then to make a partition,right click>shrink one of your existing partition(s) to something like 10gb or more

now, format it using windows(any format will do since we’re gonna reformat it afterwards)
now reboot your computer with the iAtkos already in. Run it.
To those people who don’t know how to run the cd at the boot, enter the setup and go t boot, then make the cd/dvd the top boot priority.

now when you get to the boot thing, the one that appears to be the command prompt at the start, press f8 then type -v
you’ll be seeing some texts scrolling down just wait till it stops. or if ever it hangs, repeat it again.

after that part, you’ll be directed to the mac installation screen but DON’t install it yet..follow this steps slowly.. Coz you might have problems later on without doing so

at the top of mac screen, click on utilities then go to disk utility
select the partition you made for mac then you’ll see an erase option there, click it and there’ll be a drop down box and select
mac journal extended. then proceed with the erasing.

then click on utilities>darwin_boot
type in:
1 (/**this is the hard drive, if it’s main, it should always be one)
3 (this is the partition number for your mac, if your partition is second, type in 2, if 3, then 3 and so on)
then agree to all options
when u get a success msg, quit darwin boot, else, redo it..

then go back to the installation screen. press continue>agree>select your mac partition then continue>click on customized then check the following
ifi thing (maybe its efi or something xD)
the stock kernel
stock apple
then go to drivers>system and check applesmbios
and last, if you use wireless system, select the wireless patch at the bottom

and then proceed then install..
if something appears that has the skip button on it, skip it.

wait for the installation to finish then reboot with the dvd still in your disk

go back to the installation screen after reboot. then go to utilities>terminal
and type these in
fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0
flag 3 (put your partition number of leopard)
and quit the installer.. it will ask for restart so then, restart it but remove the dvd immediately.

you should be able to log into mac now w/o the dvd.. soo then,
you’ll first see the opening of mac os x (the video with music+different languages) and afterwards, there’ll be a window
saying select your keyboard, select it then next, in the next window, select the 4th option and click next..
its not gonna work and it will hang i think so restart your computer and you should be able to proceed this time.
answer all the windows and you’ll be able to log into mac!

when you log in to mac, dont do anything yet. restart!

and insert your windows vista boot dvd..
wait till you get to the installation screen. don’t worry youre not gonna install it again..
click on repair>tools>command prompt and type these
select disk 0
select partition 1(put vista’s partition’s number)
bootrec /RebuildBCD
select disk 0
select partition 3(put leopard’s partition number)

remove the dvd and restart and there you go, you should be able log in to either of the two with no problemo 😀

if you have any questions, feel free to ask 😀

NOTE: You might think this setup is different to most in what you see in Google, it’s because the chain0 file isn’t involved in this dual booting process. And that means, the chain booting error will never be a problem here..

btw, thx to gorio buencamino, charlez verdad and Orteginho xD