meet the sucker D:

I am me. im a normal kid šŸ˜›

Actually, the first sentence’s just partially true. Before anything else, I’m definitely not a kid anymore. I am not the normal person you’re used to see. I’m someone else. Someone you wont expect me to be. I’m sort of a nature lover in fact this blog is dedicated to nature not just for the fun that making this will give me. Blahblah..nvm I’m not going to say I am weird. Coz the moment I say that, I’ll be just like all of the other people who kept on saying “I’m weird, you wont like me” or “You can’t understand me I’m weird” or “I’m weird, therefore I’m special” or simply “I’m weird”. There’re bunch of em saying that and that doesn’t make em weird anymore. So i’ll just stick to being special in a so different way :] i guess it’s called, my way

I hate:

religion and religion related things. Except for religion debates, I would love being on the negative side :> It’s too awkward to say but when it comes to my family and religion, I would see myself as plastic enough to show the truth.But I don;t really want to be plastic to them. I’m just afraid for them to go up against me, all of em.Ā  They are so religious I find myself somewhere else, somewhere not in their side. I feel so alone. Friends are all I have to throw away my grudges to.

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  2. I feel exactly the same. My family isn’t religious, but they’re sort of anti-gay, and I’m gay. They don’t know, I don’t plan to let them know either, but I constantly have a feeling of exclusion.

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