Under Constriction

Posted: December 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

Under Constriction

Under constriction, that was where I found myself. Beneath the shattered roof, beside the broken window glass. I was there, strangled but dangling. Yes, I was a prisoner of freedom. I,who lived in the wall shadows, hid from the world itself. It’s not that I chose it, it’s just I couldn’t afford to not obey. It’s bitter and nobody likes it. But it was me, afterall.. Then it’s me whom no one will ever love.

Under constriction, that was where I found myself. Emptied to the very last drop, my eyes did nothing but endure the grip. The loneliness just maintained the wrenching sound of silence. It kept my mind awake to the extent of foreseeing the upcoming suffering and pain. Well, if you’re alone in the dark, that’s all you got to do. When you’re alone suffering, thinking of further agony is all you got to do.

Now, I’m free of the constriction, but the scar it left was so deep that it even seemed so impossible to heal. I may be free from the prickling bruises.

Physical pain is much better than having these mental sorrow. But it’s gone now. I’m now in the open world full of nuisance. And the painful tragic and twisty story entitled life-as usual, brings as much sorrow as it can. Under constriction?

Under constriction,I realized, that’s where I really wanted my self to be.


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