in someone’s havaianas

Posted: December 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

in someone’s havaianas

post requested by Lugz Vinuya (no time to check, in a rush xD)

As someone cornered in between the intense heat of two warring worlds, I have no option but to hide the scratches and trauma the explosions gave me. It really doesn’t matter, does it? I mean, I just lost my social skills what the fuck does that have to do with us? I like you but you think I’m an alien. You know me. I fucking know that. Don’t deny it coz it pains me. I may be different in a strange way, a way way far from the norm of yours.

Do you notice me in the window, when you wake up 6 in the morning? Do you notice me hiding in the trashbin inside your comfortroom when you take a bath at 7? You don’t! You fucking don’t coz you don’t care about me! That’s what you just do in your life, you always try to not notice me even though it’s given already that I’m special!

I liked you. I did stuff to impress you. I even sang your favorite song when I was in your room. But you didn’t appreciate anything, as in nothing? Oh please. Give me some effing break.

Your ignorance is killing me, can’t you see? Your blank stare gives me more reason to add more cuts to my collection. Your presence is a pure toxin I couldn’t resist to take in. You’re supposed to make me feel like living but instead, you make me feel more like, killing myself.

I hate you more than anything in both of our worlds. But I still can’t. I can’t force myself to not love you. And that makes me hate you more.

Pasensya na. Goodbye world.


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