in someone’s ballet shoes

Posted: December 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

in someone’s ballet shoes

requested by carluy and fadaniel rahayel (lol carl, wala ako alam masyado sa person na to D: hirap iemofy)

The sky is falling. Does it bring heaven closer to me? Doesn’t make sense, but I love it coz it sounds good to mah ears.

I think, god isn’t a good musician. I don’t get how he makes his rhythm, but hell, I hate how he makes life appear to be musical. The periodical sound of the sun, the morning itself, reality, the night, the sound of everyday and everything is an ear sore. I’m sick of listening to grudges of people, Im sick of hearing their presence and absences, hearing all and nothing. God’s music is always out of tune. Life.. is always out of tune.

“God’s too good to take drugs unlike Bob marley” – that’s what I used to say, obviously, just to give an excuse. Until I reached the point where his ‘music’ got in to my nerves and caused my system to malfunction.. It was easy to solve by the way. I just plugged earphones deep into my ears, let the blood flow out, endured the pain and now I listen to unholy answers from the people like my kind. I listen to their screams and the melody of their crying instruments, hoping to overlap god’s murderous and bloody music.

Sometimes I wonder, if god switches genre from stupid to screamo and creates a screamo version of life, it should sound nicer, I’m sure. Having the notes fly so high and away from their scores, having them always at the extremes, it’s a guaranteed good music. But he’s too ‘perfect’ to think of that.

If only I could tell everybody why I’m like this, why I act as if not sane and abnormally, I would. People treat me in a way as if I have no emotions, no feelings. As a matter of fact. I do. I hurt and I enjoy pleasure too just like anyone else. Though I’m so cocky and aggressive, I’m normal I swear. It’s just, you guys are part of the music that I hate and much as I want to be with you, I just can’t. I’m a good musician. And god, your creator, isn’t.

  1. David says:

    If the shoes are rubbing you the wrong way when you do ballet steps, try a different brand or size. Do not assume that you will ‘break them in.’ Ballet shoes are soft and really don’t need to be broken in – and if they fit you correctly they should be quite comfortable.

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