A glimpse of a world without darkness nor light

Posted: December 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

A glimpse of a world without darkness nor light

Not so long ago, I have seen an empty world. It was blacker than pitch black, brighter than anything else. Both my eyes wandered the horizon of nothingness. They rolled and craved for something, for anything. But it was empty. It was a world free of pain and happiness but seeing it gave me a feeling of breaking free. The pain was bigger than what I could bare. I was having a really strong mind distress. It was so strong that I could barely feel my body. I was struggling as if something was trying to keep me from breathing. I stayed in that state for a few minutes until one hemisphere of the world cracked open. The light was blinding. It was so bright that all the anguish I was fighting disappeared. The mental bruises I had were gone and left no traces. I thought it was over. I had finally awoken. But shockingly, it was just half of me. It was just my other eye who has escaped the grip of the empty world. It was back to it’s normal life. While the other, still fights for outflow. Withrawing the feeling, it was one of the most tragic feeling I have felt. Seeing two worlds at the same time was so dreadful. It took me few seconds to cool down and later on, I had finally realized that my other eye was blind. The moving pictures regained their sound. Everything was okay except for the eye. I waited for almost 10 minutes for my blind eye to recover, thank god it did. Though, after 10 minutes, it can’t see well(everything was blurry). After that, I made a lot of explanations but unfortunately, I can’t make the right one. I even thought that my spirit really was trapped between two worlds or my right eye just had a clotting since I had a bad sleep position that time. Either way, it was a trip I could never ever forget.

  1. athena says:

    i’m waiting for the “future” post. haha

  2. drewey says:

    hahaha napost ko na yun sa future. if i post it now, masisira na yung continuum D:

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