Love is simple.

Posted: September 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

Love is simple..Love is listening.. Listen to people don’t wait for your turn to talk. Just listen. Look them in the eyes. Care about what they’re saying and.. Just listen. Love is simple..Love is…Acknowledging.. Acknowledge people for what they are. Not for what you want them to be. Just acknowledge them. Think about all the people who support you. Your mom. Your dad. Your spouse. Your partner. Your friends. Just acknowledge them. Tell them what a difference they make for you. Pretend that they don’t know the obvious. And state the obvious like it’s never been heard before. It’s not the famous people in the world that make your world. It’s your friends, your children. Because love is simple.. Love is… Seeing the ordinary!!! =))

  1. kabog says:

    “whats the point of eating when you just crap it all out?”

    -kelangan mo nung nutrients dun sa food…nillalabas mo lng ung di nagamit

  2. drewey says:

    :))) i know.. duh hahaha.. pero.. why not just eat nutrients dibadiba. =)) edi sana, wala nang tae 😛

  3. athena says:

    kwento mo.

    love toe.

  4. drewey says:

    hahaha. sa school nalang 😛

    love toe :]

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