getting knocked by sleevelessnes

Posted: June 24, 2008 in love, random-nes
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i hate sleevelessnes. she’s the most most unfairest person i have ever met.

why? I crammed last night my Bio homework which I chose over physics but she didn’t take it.

How it happened:

She asked the class to pass the homeworks (i already finished mine). Every homework of my tablemates is piled with mine on top.. For some reason, when I submitted the pile, mine got blown by wind. I handed the pile over to the next person. I didn’t notice that my H.W wasn’t there. So when Jelo saw my paper at the floor or at the table. I, somehow, was shocked. So I immediately went to SLEEVELESSNES (which was wearing sleeves that time xD) and handed over my work. She REJECTED it. I don’t understand the way that sleevelessnes think. All I fucking know, is I hate her.

  1. tweepointer says:

    may minus ako dahil di ko sinunod ang format na di niya sinabi… tae…

  2. drewey says:

    ganyan sya ka weird D:<

  3. Jelo says:

    Ay may format pala?! Pucha hahaha

  4. zine2hamster says:

    naka longsleeves siya kanina. tas may sleeves siya for 3 meetings straight namin since monday. nung una short, tas normal, tas kanina long! O_O

    i bet alam niya na inaasar siya sa pagiging sleeveless

  5. drewey says:

    oonga ehh feeling ko din..


    naubos na yung short sleeves nya kaya napilitan sya mag sleeves :))))

  6. tweepointer says:

    si mamdacs kasi may multiply, tapos nakikita niya lahat ng nasanetwork niya. Ung na10 siguro nakita na ni mam dacs, at sinabi kay mam docto haha…..

    Si guce din merong multiply pala haha

  7. drewey says:

    wehhhh?! D: patay tayo ohmehn

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