HARDCOAH topal :]

Posted: June 22, 2008 in ego, love, random-nes, Uncategorized
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gazebos? The place for the hot. Yeah!

But seriously. Throw away your negative impressions first and read this post.

Most of the non-Topal 2010 students think we’re barbaric assholes,we don’t care about others, arrogant about the stuff we have and accomplishments,  we don’t care at all as long as we’re happy and we don’t welcome anyone in our place.. But yeah. C’mon. We’re not as bad as what you think xD you know that.

Though, it’s undeniable that there were times some of these Gazebo people act so indecent. I admit it– I hate them when they do those, too…  But when they shout as if there’s no more tomorrow, when they laugh as if they have never laughed before.. C’mon. What’s bad about enjoying life. People have different methods of enjoying life right?

But what really makes us us?

We just respect people for who they are. And since we have similar preferences, we feel so comfortable in everybody’s presence and we do not backstab at all. One of the main factors of this bond we have is probably the gazebo itself.. Unlike the front lobby, where people are divided by separated and limited tables, the gazebo is just a small space where topal people try all ways for everyone to be accomodated, which results to bonds which enables us to share more insights and thoughts with each other. The location of gazebo also affects. Weather for example. We get the same feeling and we tend to act the same. Which implies that since we can work on small things, we might be capable of working heavier things out. Things like these…

BUT the main reason why we are what we are.. Is everyone of the topal people… We’re not like the front lobby coolboys(SOME, tamaan nalang ang maguilty xD) that backstab everyone just to get the satisfaction and superiority over others. We do not think indecent and sensitive things about others just the way these front lobby coolboys(SOME) do. We do not tell lies just to destroy one person’s image. For the sake of clarity, we are NOT like the coolboys. They’re cool, we’re hot. the exact opposite.

Last words from me… Don’t think we’re arrogant posers just because we have these and those things. We just want fun. And as long as we don’t do anything bad, do not try to play SHIT with any of my friends D: and if ever we did something to hurt you or your friends.. tell us.. everything can be worked out..


  1. isay says:


    go mark ! \:D/

  2. drewey says:

    hardcoah xD

  3. tweepointer says:

    naks naman

  4. drewey says:

    LOL.. sobrang antok ko na ginawa to ehh

  5. platitapalangganaplatypusplata says:


    yeah you’re right!



  6. sir tan says:

    pogi ako

  7. kalaro sa liero says:

    asteg. power of chaos!!!

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