dual booting mac os x and windows vista..

a guide for dual booting mac os x and vista in your pc :]

first, you must have a vista already installed, enough free memory(approximately 10gb)
iAtkos v.1 dvd(i used the 10.5 thing.. so yeah).\, the windows vista boot dvd, ANY version will do even if it isnt your vista version

first of all, create a partition the you’ll be using for mac installation. by following this step
right click on my computer>mange>disk management
then to make a partition,right click>shrink one of your existing partition(s) to something like 10gb or more

now, format it using windows(any format will do since we’re gonna reformat it afterwards)
now reboot your computer with the iAtkos already in. Run it.
To those people who don’t know how to run the cd at the boot, enter the setup and go t boot, then make the cd/dvd the top boot priority.

now when you get to the boot thing, the one that appears to be the command prompt at the start, press f8 then type -v
you’ll be seeing some texts scrolling down just wait till it stops. or if ever it hangs, repeat it again.

after that part, you’ll be directed to the mac installation screen but DON’t install it yet..follow this steps slowly.. Coz you might have problems later on without doing so

at the top of mac screen, click on utilities then go to disk utility
select the partition you made for mac then you’ll see an erase option there, click it and there’ll be a drop down box and select
mac journal extended. then proceed with the erasing.

then click on utilities>darwin_boot
type in:
1 (/**this is the hard drive, if it’s main, it should always be one)
3 (this is the partition number for your mac, if your partition is second, type in 2, if 3, then 3 and so on)
then agree to all options
when u get a success msg, quit darwin boot, else, redo it..

then go back to the installation screen. press continue>agree>select your mac partition then continue>click on customized then check the following
ifi thing (maybe its efi or something xD)
the stock kernel
stock apple
then go to drivers>system and check applesmbios
and last, if you use wireless system, select the wireless patch at the bottom

and then proceed then install..
if something appears that has the skip button on it, skip it.

wait for the installation to finish then reboot with the dvd still in your disk

go back to the installation screen after reboot. then go to utilities>terminal
and type these in
fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0
flag 3 (put your partition number of leopard)
and quit the installer.. it will ask for restart so then, restart it but remove the dvd immediately.

you should be able to log into mac now w/o the dvd.. soo then,
you’ll first see the opening of mac os x (the video with music+different languages) and afterwards, there’ll be a window
saying select your keyboard, select it then next, in the next window, select the 4th option and click next..
its not gonna work and it will hang i think so restart your computer and you should be able to proceed this time.
answer all the windows and you’ll be able to log into mac!

when you log in to mac, dont do anything yet. restart!

and insert your windows vista boot dvd..
wait till you get to the installation screen. don’t worry youre not gonna install it again..
click on repair>tools>command prompt and type these
select disk 0
select partition 1(put vista’s partition’s number)
bootrec /RebuildBCD
select disk 0
select partition 3(put leopard’s partition number)

remove the dvd and restart and there you go, you should be able log in to either of the two with no problemo 😀

if you have any questions, feel free to ask 😀

NOTE: You might think this setup is different to most in what you see in Google, it’s because the chain0 file isn’t involved in this dual booting process. And that means, the chain booting error will never be a problem here..

btw, thx to gorio buencamino, charlez verdad and Orteginho xD

  1. Chamullo says:

    It doen’t work for me. I have Vista on my second partition and Mac OS on my third… So i did repair -> tools -> command prompt
    select disk 0
    select partition 2
    bootrec /RebuildBCD
    select disk 0
    select partition 3

    Here i reboot and all I’ve got is “Missing operating system”… Can you tell me what i’m doing wrong?

  2. drewey says:

    how come you have vista on the second partition? what’s on the first one? were you able to access mac without the dvd before you inserted the vista boot dvd?

    by the way, can you access the darwin boot at the start up? the one where you get to choose what os are you entering?

    try again the command prompt.. and make sure you have typed everything right.. check if your partition numbers are right..

  3. Ginger McGee says:

    this doesn’t make sense to me… i understand the steps, but i don’t understand how it will work. you haven’t used any boot loader for mac, only vista, so you’d only be able to boot into vista.

  4. drewey says:

    actually we’re using Mac’s Darwin boot. but as indicated in the steps, we’re making the active partition, the mac’s partition, which means the boot loader that’s active will be mac’s. we only used windows command prompt to switch the active partition from windows to mac. darwin boot is included in iAtkos package i guess, im not just sure whether it’s available at other os packages. 🙂

    follow the steps carefully and youre good.
    here’s my machine running mac osx, ubuntu and windows

  5. Matt Campos says:

    How did you get grub to recognize the OSX partition?

  6. drewey says:

    i changed grub settings. look at ubuntu forums on how to access the grub config. then copy paste the part that creates the grub options. copy paste one whole part at the end and rename it mac osx. then change the partition number to the mac osx partition number. if it says missing operating system. change the number until you finally get it to work..

    if it sounds confusing, you’ll get what i was saying just when you access the grub config.

  7. Manharto says:

    well, I tried iAtkos 1 r3 and iAtkos 4i and none of them has the option: utilities/Darwin Boot.

    any ideas?

  8. drewey says:

    skip that part.. proceed to the next step. darwin boot in that version was modified to recognize the existing windows installed..

  9. Jeff Daniel says:

    Hey i Did this.. and i have everything working fine.. but my sounds DVD and Keyboard doest work.. can somebody help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. drewey says:

    all right. xD but that’s the hardest part xD try to put your pc in sleepmode and test.

    edit: i mean, try to put it in sleepmode then log back and see if everything works

  11. Mitja says:

    Hi.I have installed Xp / Vista / MAS osx on my laptop..I can only start my macos by having inserting DVD inside the PC?Can anyone help me? ..So i put VISTA DVD inside start booting vista and start diagnostic problem (in terminal window) I ses vista partition back to active..I get back my XP and VISTA menu….Bu no MAC..I installed easyBCD in vista and get another boot link named MacOS…Vhen I boot the PC now I have 3 OS to select..XP and VISTA works but MOC dont – it write me a message “chain boot error”..WTF is that? Can anyone help me?

  12. drewey says:

    hmm I had that problem too when I used different boot loaders rather than the one that should come along iAtkos which is Darwin Boot. Let’s see.. I think that problem has something to do with boot.ini inside windows or the file chain0. try looking at forums for details. All I can suggest is use Darwin boot which in later versions is modified to recognize ALL preinstalled os before installing mac.

  13. Mitja says:

    I foud somme comand in VISTA wich can save the problem.Here is the link “http://dailyapps.net/2008/03/hack-attack-dual-boot-leopard-and-windows-vista/”..But ther is another problem NOW in the comand:
    bcdedit /copy {current} /d “Mac OS X”
    bcdedit /enum active
    bcdedit /set {GUID} PATH \chain0

    “/d – presents the disk where mac is installed on ( in vista terminal window I CANT find that drive, or partition.Vista only recognize c: (xp installed) and d: (VISTA installed on)..but NO partition with MAC..No label to put in that command….If I can solve that there I will be able to launch MAC os with no boot error.. WHAT CAN I WRITE IN THE COMMAND INSTEAD of /”d” to make right paraeter to boot with??? CAN ANYONE KNOW THAT ???

  14. Riley2458 says:

    when i boot with -v and it starts running it stops at jetting kernel linker!! I have all the requirements and my computer is set at Legacy IDE.

    ( when i try native it shows up with cant find root device or somthin like that )

  15. drewey says:

    i really recommend you to set it up to boot from your dvd drive. have you tried waiting a few moments after that kernel linker? if that doesn’t work then skip the -v and boot normally to the dvd

  16. […] doing Uni work I can atleast listen to my music and swap files out etc. etc. So far I’ve tried two guides The first one is a Windows 7 / Mac OSX Dualboot, making use of EasyBCD and the Windows Bootloader. […]

  17. Banshee says:

    I setup a partition for mac osx and got it installed. i booted from the disk and changed the active disk to 3 as i have a recovery first partition and vista on second but it will not boot mac osx or vista. it just goes to a blinking curser and nothing happens. i have to change the partition back to vista before it will do anything else and even then it comes up with bad boot so i put the bootup vista disk in and restart but it just does the same thing. oh and i used iAtkos v4i can any1 help???

  18. […] Final caveat: if you, like me, have installed Windows 7 on your Asus Eee PC 1000HE netbook, you may find that it has completely taken over the MBR, thus making it impossible for the chameleon boot loader to make it into OS X. Here’s two solutions: easy way to dual boot Windows 7 and OS X, and the more involved, but cleaner, way to dual boot Windows 7 and OS X. […]

  19. Stephen says:

    It worked for me with windows 7 rc. Is there a way to change the bootloader default to windows

    • drewey says:

      yes though im not really sure how to do it. you may search forums and try googling it. D: sorry. and ‘m glad it worked!

  20. Perfect tutorial. I’ve followed all the steps and so far so good. Mac is starting up now as I write this. The starting video isn’t even lagging! (using a different tutorial it was) Is that possible? o.O

    WELL DONE, MATE! 10/10.

    Perfect. I am so happy that I found your blog. I’ll give your posts a read too. ^^


  21. There you go, finished everything. Works perfectly fine. This is the best guide I have ever seen! Well done!

  22. drewey says:

    Oh. Cool! 🙂 i’m glad it helped

  23. Cory says:

    I tried these steps, only with SnowOSX. The loader works, however, when I try to boot the Osx it immediately gives me a screen telling me to power off my pc and turn it back on. Any ideas? I have a feeling that it’s the FDISK part. I have only 2 paritions – the first should be my vista, the other should be the OSX. However, i’ve tried the command with up to 4 partitions and neither have worked.

  24. Cory says:

    The issue is a kernel_task thread. Not sure what that means. This is the same problem that occurs when I try to boot from an iAtkos v7 DVD.

    • drewey says:

      i haven’t checked the latest versions yet. I’ll take a look probably after i get a copy of that. this tutorial is actually for the old version but i do believe the algorithm is the same.

  25. rossy says:

    i successfully installed XP using bootcamp on my MacBook, so whenever i put on my laptop it directed me to XP without having to press option key. two days ago, i mistakenly press some keys and now whenever i put on my MacBook it directs me to Mac OS automatically, Actually my first boot priority is XP. now whenever i want XP i have to keep on pressing option key. please help me out

  26. Brian says:

    I had to leave a comment, because you are a freakin genius! AMAZING. thanks so much for putting it in to words and helping noob guys like me figure it out. I felt like a freakin ninja!

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