i think finally made my first good decision.

Posted: June 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

though it was the hardest thing i have ever done. I removed the previous event from my system as if it didn’t happen at all. I couldn’t really lose friends for the slight possibility of rebuilding my pride and proving myself for myself D: . But once again.. I failed to protect and stand up with my principle.

‘FRIENDS > rebuilding pride and dignity which both were already gone long time ago D:

At first, I thought that abandoning them will be the first good decision ill be making ever. Yes, ever. Now I’m not so sure. But i’ll try to be an optimist.

But I can’t promise them that every thing’s gonna be the same. Coz in fact, there’s no more past i’ll be comparing the future with. I deleted everything so, I guess, it’s again the beginning..

(i’ll rewrite this post sometime.. coz im super sleepy and you might not understand the whole thing xD)


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