they’re friends. RIGHT

Posted: June 6, 2008 in random-nes
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One of the things I fear the most just happened now. Well, I just learned of it now. I just learned they have been doing it since last year. Well, what should I say? WELL DONE my so called friends. GREAT JOB.

I don’t know. But this is the first thing that struck my heart into tiny bits in three years. I can’t hold my tears. Darn in. My touch pad’s all wet now . I didn’t expect this to happen. Not to me. Not by them.

I have these two friends. Yes MY FRIENDS. I did all the things a true friend is supposed to. No lies, I defended them when people insulted them, I kept no secrets, I tried my best to keep them friends when there were misunderstandings between them..

I always thought they treat me the same way. I had no doubt since they showed me that too. They do that when I’m present.. They were so close to me i never doubted them even once. Maybe that’s the reason they betrayed me. I got too close to these guys too much. Back to the past, I know what you guys are capable of. Your personalities. I knew none of you is worthy of this much of trust I gave you. But then. I trusted you. 100%. But all the while, you were backstabbing me? All the while, I was avoiding the wrong persons..

ALL i know now. Since im in the middle of my intense emotions. All i know.. Is I regret the days i accepted you guys as friends. That’s my biggest mistake in three years.

  1. noman says:

    you have to understand that everybody’s a backstabber o_o that’s reason enough to be paranoid, but then if it’s as bad as you make it seem, then you have every right to be mad, angry, offended, and even depressed like you are. Just… don’t let your anger blur your logic o_o because it’s stupid to let your anger get the best of you. Meron namang atang mga totoong kaibigan sa mundo… somewhere?

    For now, it’s fine to try to be angry, let it out, but try not to let it go too far. Don’t let it make you bitter.

    Dunno if this helped or made it worse, all I know is everyone’s been backstabbed or worse, so there’s comfort in knowing you’re not the only one.

    You can either hate them forever (it’s okay to do so, despite people telling us that hating them is bad) or you can get over it, be the bigger man and make them feel like the assholes they really are.

    Good luck nlng? Idunno and I can’t really help cuz I don’t know you very well, but yeah.

  2. drewey says:

    “Meron namang atang mga totoong kaibigan sa mundo… somewhere?”
    I know. they’re not the only friends i have. I’m so tired of explaining but good thing you mentioned it. You don’t know me much and apparently you don’t know the WHOLE story..

    “you have to understand that everybody’s a backstabber”

    i don’t think so.

    anyway thanks.

  3. edisimagaling says:

    Noman’s right to suggest “you can get over it, be the bigger man and make them feel like the assholes they really are”. If they hurt you as much as they say you did, then they don’t even deserve your attention. True hate isn’t revenge, it’s in letting those cruel faces simply fade away into the background of your life where they join the thousands of unnamed faces you pass every day.

    Alternatively, because I don’t want people appreciating hate so early in life, you could listen to them. Chances are, these friends of yours have an excuse, and didn’t really understand fully that what they were doing to you was that cruel. That happens a lot, with familiarity. It’s not something guys can easily do, but the most sensible option is to talk it out and make sure that every perspective is known. For all you know, they see pink what you see black.

    Sometimes, it’s just a joke, and they didn’t really intend to hurt you this much. They can be forgived. But if they did it on purpose, that should be the only time for you to ever close yourself off 100%. Don’t close your judgement so quickly. Not everyone is a backstabber on purpose.

    Best of luck.

  4. drewey says:

    “..If they hurt you as much as they say you did, then they don’t even deserve your attention. True hate isn’t revenge, it’s in letting those cruel faces simply fade away into the background..”

    If I wanted revenge, I should have mentioned their names here and let everyone know. But I’m not like them. I know how it will turn out and I’m not goin to do it.
    I asked one of them last night not to talk to me for a while to avoid more clashing. Though I really want them to suffer, I’m not really that kind of person. How I wish I were

  5. drewey says:

    and to add another thing, he already said last night he has no excuse and he really knows he’s wrong.

  6. hindisimagaling says:

    Ouch, man. I guess that really hurts. The way I see it, what you should do depends on what those two people did. I’ve been in this situation before and I think I already know what to do.

    If what those two people did are like…
    SCENE A:
    June 2 –
    Friend A: Hey, you know what? Drewey can be such an ass sometimes.
    Friend B: Yeah, sometimes I notice that too. I hope he changes but I’m sure as hell that I wouldn’t tell him too.
    Friend A: Why not?
    Friend B: Come on! Would I really risk my friendship? It’s better to just wait.

    June 3 –
    Friend A and Friend B talks about Drewey to his friends. A lot of people in school are influenced by what they are saying.

    June 4 –
    Many, many more people knew about what those two friends said. They sort of agree because they are easily influenced by other people’s words.

    June 5 –
    Drewey: Hey, guys, people have been staring at me impolitely. It’s getting freaking annoying. Do you guys know what happened?
    Friend A and Friend B: nope

    And finally…
    August 4 (some time after) –
    Friend A and Friend B: Hey, it’s Drewey. Act casual. We don’t want him hating on us after what we did.
    Drewey: Somebody told me that it was you guys. Of course that’s not true. Right?
    Friend A and Friend B: Well, actually, we were the ones who did that.
    Drewey: But why?
    Friend A and Friend B: It’s because it’s true.
    Drewey: But you guys know that it’s hurting me, right?
    Friend A and Friend B: Well, sort of. It’s really just coz you piss us of…

    SCENE B:
    December 7 (random dates) –
    Friend A: Hey, did you notice? Drewey’s breath smells bad. :))
    Friend B: Yeah, I sort of do.
    Friend A: Oh well. I don’t really care. It’s not like that would affect our friendship. I mean, he is still a good friend to me and I wanna be a good friend to him.
    Friend B: Yeah, you are right.

    Months came by and they never mention the bad breath thing ever again aside from maybe a couple of times only…

    March 27 (some time after):
    Friend B: I have to be honest with you. I talked to Friend A months ago and we said that you have bad breath.
    Drewey: What really? How could you guys do that to me? I hate you guys! Months ago! How come you never told me even once!
    Friend B: Do I really need to tell you? It’s not like we hate you for it. Why would I be willing to risk our friendship over an issue about bad breath?
    Drewey: You guys were backstabbing me! I hate you two!
    Friend B: I’m really really sorry. Come on. Please don’t be that way. I didn’t mean to. It wasn’t meant to hurt you.
    Drewey: I don’t care! Screw you guys!

    Okay. I’m not really sure if those were good examples. As you can see in Scene A, the two friends were being bitches and were just acting kind to Drewey. As for Scene B, they just talked about that once or twice but it was just between the two of them and they just never told Drewey so that they wouldn’t make him mad and paranoid. They didn’t want to risk a GOOD friendship over a small issue.

    If what happened to you was in Scene A, if all the people in your batch have a weird feeling towards you because of your two so called friends, then by all means, hate them. They really do deserve it. If they are the ones who seem to abandon you, then abandon them.


    If they were the ones who are in Scene B, if they just talked about it for the sake of talking about somethings, if it was never meant to hurt you, and if they said sorry already, then accept them back. If they were the kind of guys who always stick with you through thick and thin. Like, if they were the kind of guys who cram stuff with you, who plays games with you, who you shared a bed with during Retreat and shared seats with during Field Trip, then forgive them.

    I’m sorry if this VERY LONG comment seems a bit biased. It’s just that when this happened to me, I was in the situation of Friend B in Scene B. I never meant to hurt my friend. I said sorry to him a lot of times already. Luckily for me, the friend forgave me and I tried a lot harder to be a better friend.

    So, if those two friends really did laughed and cried with you, then it’s never too late to forgive them. Sorry if I’m a bit emotional in this comment. It really was just hard for me when that happened to me and your entry reminded me of it.

    If they intentionally killed your mother, reject them. If they didn’t mean to step on your toe, then forgive them. It’s never too late

  7. hindisimagaling says:

    Do comments need to be approved first? Well, I hope you get too read that comment and good luck in whatever you are going to do 🙂

  8. drewey says:

    lol that was.. funny. thanks. anyway

    I believe it’s scene A. You got it really right except(darn auto correct xD) for the small details..
    *i did nothing to piss em
    *they did admit they were wrong when I asked them
    *none of the two thought about risking anything. coz they don’t care. I know they don’t

    so there
    thanks for making it clearer.. And don’t be sorry if it’s long.. I liked that comment very much :]

    And abandoning them was the very first option that came up.

  9. drewey says:

    and btw, what’s with that name? xD edisimagaling and hindisimagaling.? LOL
    you guys got it from somewhere? xD

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