summer…school… summer? school?

Posted: May 31, 2008 in random-nes
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whats up? for me.. there’s quite a lot.

summer. is about to end few days from now. i regret the days i thought i was plainly bored. But i know that I was having fun. I don’t really curse the days that i was sitting under lazy afternoons doing nothing. In fact, I enjoyed those days. It’s so sad that all of these things are coming to this horrible end. These things are now part of the past, and these experiences are now just memories that all i can do about is treasure, just treasure.

all right. this post isn’t really about my summer ending. its about the beginning of the school year which i find real shit. I’m in III-sodium(Na) now. And i don’t find it interesting as well. I do not like the mixture of students.

I never mentioned this to anyone but this sectioning is so far from the sectioning i had in my mind throughout this summer. I’ve always thought that 3rd year’s gonna be the happiest year in my stay in pisay. I had day dreams that pictured the perfect section i’ll be having and sadly, it’s not this year. It could be next year, it could be not. That’s quite disappointing.

if you’re a classmate of mine reading now, I’d like to tell you i am so sorry but i hate our section. It’s clear that it’s the section i hate not the students so don’t think i am messing up at this early.

so there. If you’re a III-Na. You already know that It’ll be quite uncomfortable for me so please let’s make the best out of what we have. I’m still looking forward to a fun year with you guys! welcome back..

  1. Jelo says:

    Okay lang yan, Mark. Maswerte ka nga eh at pito ang mga Topaz ng Sodium. Medyo magiging magulo ang schoolyear na ito pero okay lang yan. Di mo naman kailangan kaibiganin ang lahat eh. Basta ay may mga malalapit ka na kaibigan sa Sodium kahit kunti lang ay okay na yun.

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  3. drewey says:

    aww. onga..pero talagang malas e

  4. hardcoah says:

    ayos lng.. ayoko rin section ko pucha

  5. alec says:

    katamad nga eh akalain mo nagcocomment ako dito. isipin mo na lang kung gano ako ka bore nun.

    buti na lang pala di ako napunta sa sodium. mas maganda pa sa rubidium hahaha

  6. drewey says:

    wow. sobrang bored ka siguro.. haha. sige enjoy ka na lang sa rubidium 😀

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