summer boredom

Posted: March 17, 2008 in ego, love, random-nes
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let us start of with this.
if wordpress pays all the bloggers a penny for every thought they have,
I’d be richer by only 1 penny then D: there’s only one thing that’s in my mind right now. well what do you expect from some teen at home, got nothing to do, crippled, deeply in love(yes.. love..or, some other word.. I just want you to get a picture of it xD) with someone and unluckily, there’s no other way to talk to that someone (and see that someone either.. except for pictures.. ehem..multiply..ehem)..

I barely have the courage to stand still next to her, you think it’s possible to ask her out? =|

I seriously don’t have the courage to say these things to her. I may seem gay by doing this indirectly. But I know, by the time she (or should I address it as you. you know who you are. right?) reads this, she may feel a little awkward or a bit contraction of her zygomaticus muscles.. She doesn’t know exactly who I am. But I wish that through my posts. At least she has an idea.

Yes. Hopeless, Gay, desperate. An ass.

Maybe she thinks I’m crazy. Well the truth is she’s the one making me. I may get too cocky when bored but hey, I’m not always bored xD

Maybe she hates me for being so assertive. But isn’t that what we all supposed to bein order to survive? xD

I hope my assumptions are wrong

oh well. the purpose of this post, is to indirectly say to her how I feel towards her. How I’m so desperate to see much clearer things about her. I want to know her better. Then I could make her much happy.

I just want her to be happy >__> And what I want for myself?

Is to be just the one giving her happiness. That’s all I want for me.

I know it’s too early, but it isn’t my fault that my mind has matured quite fast. or is it?.. But my point is, in early things like these, bad endings are inevitable But as i’ve said, it’s not my fault.

Falling in love or adoring people is unavoidable too.  I already know that this early..

I like you. More than I love soccer.

And please, I hope It’s not a mistake posting this here.  D:

If you were C6, and i were H12, all we would need is the air we breathe to be sweeter than sugar…Forget hydrogen you’re my number one I wish I was an Ion so I could form an exothermic bond with U

  1. pig says:

    ano nga gusto mo mangyari?

  2. drewey says:

    yeah. napaisip ako dun ah. xD

    err. i want to know.. whether she feels something, too.. or do i stand a chance with her… yun lng siguro.. ay.. ewan.. narealize ko, di rin nga ako super sure.. haay

    lol. thanks pig. that question helped a lot.. 😉

  3. pig says:

    of course. xempre naman. ako pa.

    tama, isipin mo nga muna, wag yung gusto mo lang basta na ganyan ganito. kasi kung ganun, baka kung ano anong mali pa gawin mo sa mundo. tapos sarili mo lang magsuffer.


  4. drewey says:

    sino ka ba? o.o

  5. edisimagaling says:

    There are so many kids who say the same things… and they have a right to. Never let people tell you that young love is silly, premature, and temporary. Everything in this world is.

    What you have to take notice of, are the things that make you feel good. And love makes you feelgood. Call it a crush, love, whatever- it’s fun.

    If you think you can survive just enjoying the feeling of wanting, you enver have to go any further. Simply relish loving until you move on. If it frustrates you, that you know you want something a bit more, by all means, do something.

    Screw the rejection. If you want to, you have to, and there’s no other choice but to just jump in. If it’s a no go, then you know, and you can move on or even continue liking her, despite it being one-sided. If it’s a yes… welcome to the best parts of your young life.

    Forget the consequences. Wondering about them will cause you more pain, the way it seems. Unless you’re fine without knowing. Always remember, it’s never ever about what happens- events are irrelevant, they happen if they should. What’s important, is how they make you feel. That’s what makes you human. When all else fails, at the very least, the feelings were interesting to feel.

    Best of luck.

  6. drewey says:


    hmm.. I just had bad experiences in the past.. Like when my very first girl friend broke up with me..

    I guess i am just scared now to make another bad decision. Really scared..

    Anyway, that was a super good comment, answered most of my questions.. I’m so thankful.. you have no idea..

    so once again, thanks!!! Very much 😉

  7. Malmsey says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Malmsey

  8. drewey says:

    erk.. thanks Malmsey :]

  9. tweepointer says:

    malamang may natutunan ka sa chem ah XD

  10. drewey says:

    yes carl. madami xD

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