Posted: March 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

What a big word. Well, in this entry, there corresponds a big reason as well.

I’m starting get irritated with biased people. Well, I can’t blame them for they’re just being what a normal person is supposed to be. What I can’t accept is that these biased people that I’m talking about are part of my section, and this section is part of a school which is known to be a school of scholars, what I mean is, they should be different from others. They should aim for difference. But that goal dies down all because of their characteristic; being biased.

I’m also irritated with the way I hold and manipulate things/events. Plans would seem to be so perfect at first but later on, I’ll shout out the shit out of me after knowing that it’s way too far from perfection. It’s true that it must not really matter if it’s just a small event I was planning but the wicked truth is I always fail in super important stuff that I know myself would make my life somehow, different… You know the things like that.. well, i know all of us do.. It’s true,  a lot of us can easily get pissed when we can’t perfect the whole stuff even just half of it.. And there are some quotations that somehow are related to this:

  1. Keep trying as hard as you can
  2. When there’s life, there’s hope
  3. Practice leads to perfection
  4. etc..

Well, but what about once in a lifetime chances. We cannot practice that, right? We can’t plan it our either.. coz.. we’re not really geniuses that can predict all of the possible factors, are we?

But the good thing is, summing all the small events/ opportunities we have can turn out to be something as valuable as these rarely-happening-once-in-a-lifetime-chances…

Another irritation that bothers me a lot is the fact that I’m so stupid. And the reason is quite personal to say so.. there you go!  (hint:I just want to be closer to her so I could make her happy. Therefore I decided to do some things but these things won’t just…err…fucking work out!… =/  sigh… my intention is damn clean/clear but seriously, what’s wrong?

**starting  to become emo again**) joke




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