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summer boredom

Posted: March 17, 2008 in ego, love, random-nes
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let us start of with this.
if wordpress pays all the bloggers a penny for every thought they have,
I’d be richer by only 1 penny then D: there’s only one thing that’s in my mind right now. well what do you expect from some teen at home, got nothing to do, crippled, deeply in love(yes.. love..or, some other word.. I just want you to get a picture of it xD) with someone and unluckily, there’s no other way to talk to that someone (and see that someone either.. except for pictures.. ehem..multiply..ehem)..

I barely have the courage to stand still next to her, you think it’s possible to ask her out? =|

I seriously don’t have the courage to say these things to her. I may seem gay by doing this indirectly. But I know, by the time she (or should I address it as you. you know who you are. right?) reads this, she may feel a little awkward or a bit contraction of her zygomaticus muscles.. She doesn’t know exactly who I am. But I wish that through my posts. At least she has an idea.

Yes. Hopeless, Gay, desperate. An ass.

Maybe she thinks I’m crazy. Well the truth is she’s the one making me. I may get too cocky when bored but hey, I’m not always bored xD

Maybe she hates me for being so assertive. But isn’t that what we all supposed to bein order to survive? xD

I hope my assumptions are wrong

oh well. the purpose of this post, is to indirectly say to her how I feel towards her. How I’m so desperate to see much clearer things about her. I want to know her better. Then I could make her much happy.

I just want her to be happy >__> And what I want for myself?

Is to be just the one giving her happiness. That’s all I want for me.

I know it’s too early, but it isn’t my fault that my mind has matured quite fast. or is it?.. But my point is, in early things like these, bad endings are inevitable But as i’ve said, it’s not my fault.

Falling in love or adoring people is unavoidable too.  I already know that this early..

I like you. More than I love soccer.

And please, I hope It’s not a mistake posting this here.  D:

If you were C6, and i were H12, all we would need is the air we breathe to be sweeter than sugar…Forget hydrogen you’re my number one I wish I was an Ion so I could form an exothermic bond with U


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Why couldn’t life seem clear wherever angle we look at it? =/


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What a big word. Well, in this entry, there corresponds a big reason as well.

I’m starting get irritated with biased people. Well, I can’t blame them for they’re just being what a normal person is supposed to be. What I can’t accept is that these biased people that I’m talking about are part of my section, and this section is part of a school which is known to be a school of scholars, what I mean is, they should be different from others. They should aim for difference. But that goal dies down all because of their characteristic; being biased.

I’m also irritated with the way I hold and manipulate things/events. Plans would seem to be so perfect at first but later on, I’ll shout out the shit out of me after knowing that it’s way too far from perfection. It’s true that it must not really matter if it’s just a small event I was planning but the wicked truth is I always fail in super important stuff that I know myself would make my life somehow, different… You know the things like that.. well, i know all of us do.. It’s true,  a lot of us can easily get pissed when we can’t perfect the whole stuff even just half of it.. And there are some quotations that somehow are related to this:

  1. Keep trying as hard as you can
  2. When there’s life, there’s hope
  3. Practice leads to perfection
  4. etc..

Well, but what about once in a lifetime chances. We cannot practice that, right? We can’t plan it our either.. coz.. we’re not really geniuses that can predict all of the possible factors, are we?

But the good thing is, summing all the small events/ opportunities we have can turn out to be something as valuable as these rarely-happening-once-in-a-lifetime-chances…

Another irritation that bothers me a lot is the fact that I’m so stupid. And the reason is quite personal to say so.. there you go!  (hint:I just want to be closer to her so I could make her happy. Therefore I decided to do some things but these things won’t just…err…fucking work out!… =/  sigh… my intention is damn clean/clear but seriously, what’s wrong?

**starting  to become emo again**) joke



getting fit for intrams

Posted: March 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

though my foot still swells and the pain is still present. I can walk straight already! and because im forcing myself to be fine.. I have a really strong feeling I can join the intrams :))

yeahurray! xD LOMAO (laughing out my ass off xDDD)