nice birthday gift..from myself

Posted: February 29, 2008 in ego, random-nes

Thursday. I played soccer. Right after the game, I was walking on studs then I got tripped by a stone. I never gave a shit until I reached home. When I removed my shoes, I saw both left and right parts of my left foot swelling. I ignored it for the second time.I fixed my school stuff then I remembered the bio longtest the following day but I already studied for it so I slept early.

The moment I woke up, my foot hurts like hell. I already knew by that time that I’ll be absent but I tried to do my morning stuff. To my surprise, I can’t freaking stand. I can’t move my foot joints coz it hurts more in doing so.. I told the people here and they told not to go to school. I ate breakfast in bed, drank pain reliever plus my daily medicines (ascorbic acid, food suppplement, etc..) then I slept. I woke up nine due to the pain I was feeling. I searched for a comfortable spot then I studied Bio.. I studied Bio the whole day and my only break was lunch. Then at 3pm, they brought me to my doctor, which happened to be a soccer player too! He checked me up and did all the stuff needed (bondaging, x-ray, etc..)..

He said that I have a sprained foot and the bones are fractured, and he told me to pray that the fracture wont get any worse. He also told me that to rest for two weeks. I said silently: WHAT THE FUCK!.. Intrams will be the week after this. And I couldn’t join. I want to play badly. DamnDamn.. =/ Tomorrow’s gonna be my best birthday ever =/

(But this night’s the best night-before-my-birthday! my former schoolmates greeted me.. and the ‘girl’ I like, she asked me about my leg condition and greeted me too.. =D)

Marwin crispino, the most principled person I know and the best friend I have, gave me special greetings. He said “think of this accident as blessing so you wouldn’t think too much of your school stuff (e.g longtest scores, achievement test scores) then you’ll be happy on your birthday, Happy birthday!” )

  1. arcaneflamecaster says:

    Hey Mark. happy birthday! Ayos lang, ayos lang. Hope you get better.

  2. . says:

    bkit ‘girl’. bkit may ‘ ‘

  3. drewey says:

    uhm. thanks anton!

    uhm, to comment#2: uhm secret.. maybe to emphasize? lmao
    sino ka ba? =))

  4. karlosgwapo says:

    baka mali yung bagsak ng sapatos mo.

    may fracture ka pala kaya ka di pumasok. swerte mo weekend ung sprain mo pero madali na siguro ilakad mo ang paa mo.

    kahit taon taon birthday mo siguro isa na sa mga gifts mo kasi hindi naman masyadong nadisgrasya ka

    ayos lang ayos lang

  5. drewey says:

    ayos lang ayos lang :)) thanks eddry!

  6. arcaneflamecaster says:

    Well yeah. Sigurado ako, you’ll look back at this moment as a special gift in the future. “Hey, I remember I got a fracture on my birthday once.” Ilang tao ang makakasabi nyan? XD Ayos lang, ayos lang.

  7. drewey says:

    wah..labo.. anyway.. sa ym na lang :)) thanks! baka kasi nangjojoke time ka lang eh..


  8. drewey says:

    seriously..sino ka ba? >.< bakaa kala mo sayo nakarefer yung ‘girl’ dun..asa naman :))

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