Heart broken

Posted: February 24, 2008 in Uncategorized
can one be swallowed
by a lovers grasp?
can one fall victim
to a love meant to last?
can i be the one
to be taken in?
will i be the chosen
to live with your sin?
blissfully unaware
strewn before a grave
you picked up my pieces and held me high
and told me i was brave
you made me feel together
when i always fell apart
you made me happy
right from the very start
i let go for a moment
you never left my side
i never wanted to love again
but you made sure i tried
let me ask you something
now, do you believe?
what you & i
can come to achieve
if i just hang on
and you wait a bit longer
we’ll prove everyone wrong
and come out even stronger
all the other people
now they cant see
and they want us to fail
because none of them can be
forget what they say, because none of it’s true
you brought me back, when i was blue
think of only what we can do
you held me up, as i will too
you showed me i can love again
you made me forget my past
because now we’re in something
we both know will last
so, can i ask one last question?
why did you leave me once before
and why should i give you another shot
when you left me heartbroken at your door.

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