2 things. Maturity and bond

Posted: December 15, 2007 in ego, love, random-nes
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Maturity, as i believe, is not the change in appearance nor the change of likes. I believe that maturity is based upon the person’s perspective; how he views his life, what he believes his duties are,etc.   

one thing that triggered my maturity is my class. well, my classmates sure didn’t do a damn but i just felt that i’m somehow growing up, and i felt it this year, the year that im in Adelfa.

It’s kinda weird to be posting about first impressions this time, i mean at this time(?). But to explain myself more , *sigh* here i go!

During our first days, the faces of my classmates seemed so scary. I only knew them by their names and faces but at that early, or was it too late, i hadn’t got a chance to know them as they are. Even now, i know them when we are all together but knowing them individually when they’re alone, is ,i guess, much far off by looking at our present status. Yes they are all my friends, except for he-who-you-know-that-must-not-be-named, but not the friends whom i share all my grudges in life, my happy times and vice vers/z/a.

The end is near, prolly 2-4 months. That’s the only time my section and i have to know each other, the only time we get to interact and express emotions. That very short time is all i have. So please.

`[]ill continue this later[]`


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