the day of to.. get it?? =D

Posted: December 13, 2007 in ego, love, random-nes, Uncategorized
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Today, is quite a happy day for me. Disregarding the bursting of our Pajero tire in front, i consider this still fun.

She, the girl i like, went online again in my list, without any hesitation, i sent her an im without even knowing what to say.Good thing ,jaime and jelo, my dear comrades were online too and help the hell out of me..But the person who’d like to help the most wasn’t online yet (estelle). So i worked on it with the help of boy power! And it seemed to be working. I decided again to quit chatting with her, but this time, not because  I peed in my pants again but I believe that she should not be disturbed while playing and to show my care at the same time 😀 😀 😀 

What’s funny is, after i said bye, Estelle went online! xD hahas.. Though it may not seem funny to you guys,  I was really amused.. xD Now is the post where you can clearly see how a single happening can easily amuse me 😛

  1. karlosgwapo says:

    good luck be a good man

    MAN POWER!!!

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