lawl.. wrapping things up starting from july13 up to present..

Posted: November 18, 2007 in random-nes, Uncategorized

harhar…  that was long… i forgot that i have a blog =D i blame my journal for this. anyway, that journal is like, a blog but only two people can read it. sir martin and me =D

but to summarize everything that happened to me since my last entry.

nothing very significant happened.. im actually looking forward on seeing some big creepy worms or slimy aliens or stuff. just to make my life or even just  a day of my life …different… *sighs*

  1. boom shakalaka says:

    well, thats true. i guess i have that feeling of craving for new stuff as well. that is the reason why i sometimes do crazy stuff that make a bad impression of me…. i dont care what they think of me anyways

  2. zine2hamster says:

    alien? watch the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya 🙂

  3. drewey says:

    lol… this post is actually inspired by that anime xD

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